1954 Ariel Red Hunter 350cc


The Ariel Red Hunter was the name used for a range of Ariel single-cylinder motorcycles that were designed by the firm’s chief designer Val Page in 1932 around an overhead-valve single-cylinder engine that he had developed some six years earlier.The legendary Edward Turner developed the design further with added chrome and it became a popular touring bike. Handling was improved by the addition of rear suspension and telescopic forks and it gained an alloy cylinder head from the 1950s.

This 350cc example hails from 1954 which is the first year of the rear suspension and just prior to the valanced mudguards and headlamp hood etc of the 1955 models. It has a simple, classic look and is built to a very high standard. The balance is evident in the centre-stand that works effortlessly with no struggling. The paint is a deep Maroon with chrome detailing and the fuel tank has fluted chrome and gold lines. The engine runs and starts easily. The bike is presented with all the original details from new and has a current V5.