Jamathi 50cc Race Bike


Jan Thiel, Martin Mijwaart, and Paul Lodewijkx! are a talented group of Dutchmen who created a racer, with no funding, working out of a wooden shed, and eventually outran the worlds best!

The team won many races and among its riders were names such as Paul Lodewijkx, Aalt Toersen and Theo Timmer who rode for them between 1967 and 1973 and gained wins in nine Grand Prix in the 50cc class.

This Jamathi is a competitive 50cc race bike with a high spec engine including rotary disc inlet and special cylinder and head. The engine base is a Minarelli P6 but much modified with very few components left untouched producing a remarkable 18bhp from a 50cc motor and the bike will shame many 125s and 250s. The bike has spent several years in a private collection but could well be a contender in the current ‘Classic 50 Racing Club’ championship events.

There is a large spares package that includes a spare engine and many useful racing set-up parts. These will be offered for sale separately if required.